About TailWaggersK9Sport

TailWaggers is approaching its 5th Birthday!! It is a home enterprise based on the desire to improve the interaction and life styles of both dogs and humans, by opening the doors to the world of dog sports, training and knowledge. Our training is science based and does not inflict pain, hurt or intimidate the dogs into submission. Modern day training, developed with scientific research has taught us that building a bond with your pup is of a greater benefit to both handler and dog, then the use of older more traditional dominance style training. 


Through my own personnel experiences I have been fortunate enough to meet highly skillful trainers in all manner of dog sports and activities. Sadly however, being located in Pembroke,  this has meant that in order to gain access to many of these trainers and the courses they offer, a considerable amount of travelling is required (this increases the cost and the time). Thus at TailWaggers the intention is to bring the instructors to the community.

All of the trainers used by TailwaggersK9sport, either hold a Certificate of Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) or better, or they have significant years experience in the K9 training industry.


No time for a 4 week course, evenings too busy??? Simple in addition to short courses, TailWaggers also offers workshops of varying lengths from full days to 1 hour workshops. The attendance at the workshops will be kept to a minimum to ensure each student (be that K9 or human) receives adequate instructions to continue.


What if one workshop isn't enough??? If you want further instruction in a particular subject, no problem, consider a private lesson, or if there are two or three people interested talk to us about providing further workshops on the topic. 


If you have any questions or any suggestions for training drop us a line at TailWaggers.K9Sport@Yahoo.com or contact us through the facebook page (click the link below).








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Photographs donated by Best Friends Dog Training Ottawa (http://www.bfdogtraining.ca), Avalon Ranch Renfrew (http://www.avalonranch.ca), Claude D'Aoust Photography, friends and colleagues