Private Sessions & 1-2-1 Training

Are you looking for private training? We offer a selection of options for you.

If you have a dog that is uncomfortable being around other dogs, or is uncomfortable being on a to us about private 1-2-1 training. Whether it's a one off training session to iron out some wrinkles - or whether you are looking to complete a full course, achieve a certification or just to get comfortable with your pup in public, contact us.

Sessions are offered at our training facility or off-site/home visit.

Tailor- Made, Private Courses

May be you have a couple of friends, like theses lovely Newfies  who all wanted to come

to the same session. We can tailor a programme or fun session specifically for you.  

Contact us and tell us the number of dogs and handlers you have, 

the type of session you are looking for and we will arrange it,

(we are looking forward to being asked to host a Doggie Birthday Party!). 

All sessions are offered  7 days a week, through out the day and into the evening, (note evening and weekend availabilty is dependant on other events).

To request a private session for training please complete the following form, for all private group booking please contact us via email or phone 6134015707

Please note for private sessions at our facility you are required to have proof of upto date vaccinations. We do also offer private sessions off site.

Request a Private Session 

Please note proof of vaccinations is required for visits to our facility. We do also offer home visits. 


I confirm that to the best of my knowledge my pet is free from injury and illness. I accept that the information provided during the consult is provided to the best ability of the instructor and understand that as the handler I to play a part in the success of the training. I understand that each pup and each situation is different, and while it is the wholehearted intention of the TailWaggersK9Sport instructors to provide a solution in a quick and effective manner, on occasion some further training or full-ups may be suggested.

I understand that TailWaggersK9Sport is a Positive Reinforcement based training school


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