The Dog Gym & Training Hall  - Availability Calendar

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TailWaggers is pleased to offer a purpose built dog gym, located at 573 Lubitz Rd Pembroke. The gym is available for private hire, so that you can train with your pup in a safe and secure environment. The gym is heated, and has anti-slip, agility floor mats to provide that extra cushioning for your pups whilst they are training inside. Secure tethers are also located on the walls. 
The gym is available to hire in 30min slots. You may share your time with another handler, the max number of handlers is 2 per session (if you intend to have more than 4 dogs between you please confirm in advance). You are encouraged if running more than one dog in the gym, to bring a crate.
The gym is available to be booked 7 days a week from 7:30 am to 9pm (last booking at 8:30pm).
If you would like to book the gym please email us providing the details below, you will receive a PayPal invoice for the session, (all sessions to be paid for in advance). As we intend to use the gym for other activities as well, and we want to maintain a safe environment, you will be required to provide proof of vaccinations for each pup (these do need to be current).
Currently we have the following equipment available, please note for safety reasons your pup must be proficient in the use of the equipment before requesting it, if you need to learn how to use just ask 
FitPaws/K9 Conditioning: Steppers, Balance boards, Plank, Fitbones, Fit pods, Perches, Hoops, Cavaletties (cones and jumps), Peanuts* (40cm and 80cm), Dog Weigh Scales, Fitpaws Donut
Agility: Tunnel(s), Jumps, Weave Poles set of 6 Straight or 2 x 2's, Pause Table, Teeter* 
Rally O (CARO): Novice Level Signs
Scent Training: Containers only (no scent to be brought to the gym, we will load the containers for you, please specify which odours you require Wintergreen/Pine/Thyme). Please do not use the gym for interior searches.
Booking the Equipment
available post training if you have not used the equipment previously/familiarization if your pup has training on the equipment before (it does not have to have trained with TailWaggers), note age limits apply to some equipment.  
If you want to try some of the equipment please contact us, we will arrange a short introduction on the equipment for you.
As we are developing this service, in order to bring more K9 activities to the area, please note things will change, we will do our best to give you as much notice of changes as they develop.
Cost of hire is $15 for a 30mins session
10 Session pass for  $135  
Equipment Familiarization Sessions $45/hour (maybe split over 2 30min periods)
Equipment Training $55, 60min session 
To book a training session please complete the form below, you will receive an invoice confirming the time slot is available, please note payment of invoice secures the booking, (alternatively we will email you if the slot is not available)
If you wish to book a 10 session pass, please use the button below, proof of vaccinations should be sent to:
For same day bookings, please try to book a minimum of 3hours ahead, if you are looking to attend within the 3hours, complete the form, if you do not hear from us within 30mins, please call us to confirm 613 401 5707
Dog Gym & Training Hall Booking Form
Please note for dogs to use the Dog Gym & Training Hall, proof of valid vaccinations is required before the timeslot and invoice will be issued (a simple photo of the vaccination certificate is acceptable).