Photographs provided by Claude D'Aoust Photography


    'Mans Best Friend', their time with us is often too short, so lets make the most of it!


    Ever wondered how to train a dog to follow a track through a field? Or maybe how a therapy dog is trained? Or maybe you want to know why Rex doesn't come back when called. Come to TailWaggers where our experts can explain.


    At TailWaggers training is provided in workshops, short training courses and ad hoc training events. Expert instructors in specific subjects will be brought to the area to deliver and support the ongoing training.


    Each workshop is structured to allow the handler and dog to gain experience and practice, while in attendance. In addition the handler will be gain the knowledge they need to continue and develop their training on their own time.

    Workshops are a great way try a new activity. Short courses offer you the opportunity to learn in a small group and meet regularly. Private 1-2-1 sessions offer you the ability to work on a one to one basis to develop you pups skills.  

    So whether you want a highly active companion or you just want a friend to walk in the park with - TailWaggers.K9sports can help develop the behaviours and skills you both desire.

    From one dog to another: 

    Hi I'm Fred (the guy in the picture), I want to tell you how much fun other K9s are having, I've met lots of them now. They do all sorts of sports, sniffing stuff, pulling things, chasing things jumping, swimming the list is endless and whats really cool, us K9s get to hang out together. Now don't get me wrong there are some K9s out there I'd rather stay away from - but we've learnt to keep are distance. We also get to go to some really cool places, last year a few us travelled from Pembroke to Missouri!! And we win things, lots of balls (and poop bags, you can never have enough poop bags!). 

    So if you like to run and chase things, cats, cars...balls?? I love to chase balls! Or how about sniffing, there are some great smells out there....would you like to tell your human that you've found something really worth sniffing?? Or even to lead them through a field to find some buried treasure (like a ball, did I mention I love my ball?). Well these humans here at Tailwaggers can show your humans how to read us K9s - spooky hey - but they know that when I pin my ears back, or stiffen my body, even lick my lips....I'm trying to tell them something (often I'm thinking about my ball and wondering what I need to do to get back).

    They have all sorts of fun things planned and its not all about being at school, they rumoured parties and BBQs (with hotdogs!)....and balls, Iots of balls....So get your humans to check this website, and if theres something you and a few others want to try email the humans here - if theres enough of us, they let us try anything.