Puppy Socials 

Puppy Socials are here!! Did you know it is vitally important to socialize your puppy?  Did you know that socializing extends beyond just meeting and playing with family members and other household pets.
Did you also know there is only a short window in the pups growing period where their brain is open to accepting new and novel situations and sounds. 
So give your pup the best start in life.
Puppy Socials are open events, where you and your pup can come
along and meet other pups. We will have different items out for
the puppies to investigate. An instructor will always be present,
off leash play may take place (but is dependent on pups attending
the session, size of pups, energy and confidence).
To register for a session please complete the form below, please note you will need a copy of your vaccination record. Once submitted you will receive a PayPal invoice and an email with additional information. Please note we are located at 573 Lubitz Rd, Pembroke, On, K8A 6W6 (while we welcome visitors, please do not come without an appointment, as this our home and our dogs are often out).
Sessions will only beheld if there are 2 or more pups registered. If you are the only puppy (which happens sometimes), you will be given the option to reschedule or to use the gym equipment - don't forget socialization is not just about meeting other puppies. 
We will contact you by 12 noon on the day of the session if you are the only pup.
Register before 12noon on the day of the session, sessions cost $20/45mins.
Puppies must be over 3months and under 5months and must have had 2nd set of shots. 
Book three sessions and receive 10% off when you book a Puppy Kindergarten Course.
Puppy Pre-Skool
This is scheduled by demand, if you are interested in these sessions please contact us
(you do not need to have the puppy with you before you contact us).

Excited about a new puppy, a little nervous about what is happening, worried if things are going the right way?  Whether you have your puppy already or you are about to get a puppy.

This class is for you!!

Welcoming a new pup into the family can be incredibly exciting but also traumatic.
How do you house train, what is a good collar, do I need a harness and a dog bed? What should my puppy be learning at this age? These are just some of the questions that new puppy owners consider.
These sessions are set up as informal, information gathering sessions to help both puppy and handler adjust to their new surroundings.We will cover some of the real basics of how you and your pup can learn to live together.
How to introduce other animals, teething and learning bite inhibition, understanding the changes your puppy is going through.There will also be a section on tolerance to novelty, this a chance for you pup to become acquainted and make positive associations with environmental changes.
Please note for puppies to attend they must have had their 2nd set of shots (this is at approx 3months)
This will run as a two week session and is designed to help you get the most out the Puppy Socials and Puppy KinderGartens.

Upcoming Puppy Socials

Puppy Social - Mar 27
Fri, Mar 27
TailWaggers - Dog Gym & Training Hall
Mar 27, 4:45 PM – 5:30 PM
TailWaggers - Dog Gym & Training Hall, 573 Lubitz Rd, Pembroke, ON K8A 6W6, Canada
Please note pups must have had their 2nd set of shots and be over 3months and under 5months old. Please note we try to group pups by weight.