Previous Workshops - What You've Missed!!


This page aims to give you an insight to some of the of workshops we have already held. 


If you see something here you like, email us and register an interest, theres no commitment - but you will get an 'early bird' registration.  As soon as there is enough interest we will organize another workshop.

K9 Agility - Spider/Grid Jump Workshop

This workshop has prerequisites (see below)

Teaching a dog how to jump correctly is one of the most under taught skills in dog agility. Simply because the dog does jump, does not mean they are doing so correctly, efficiently, or even safely. This workshop is based on the teachings of both Susan Salo, pioneer of dog jump training; and Susan Garrett, multi-time Canadian National and International champion.

This workshop is a beginners introduction to foundation jump training and agility or jumping experience is helpful. Participants will take their dog through several different exercises designed to help improve the dogs ability to jump straight lines efficiently, and while turning. Participants are strongly encouraged to watch and evaluate all dogs participating in the workshop in order to help develop their eye for spotting correct jumping form. Two different methods of jump training will be taught in their workshop: set point, and jump grids.

Set point, or Spider Work, utilizes a specially designed apparatus in front of an agility jump. The design and placement of the Spider not only help the handler evaluate their dog’s form while jumping, but also help to educates the dog on how to use their body more correctly when jumping. Clearer understanding will develop a dog that can jump with more confidence and speed on course.

Jump grids build further build the dogs understanding of jumping by strategically placing jumps that will help the dog learn to shorten and lengthen their stride between jumps, turn efficiently on course, all while maintaining a constant state of balance. A dog that knows how to jump correctly will move efficiently around the course, and keep bars in their cups, all while making jumping seem effortless.

Prerequisites -  Dog must either have an independent sit/Stand stay with 25’ distance OR be comfortable with being restrained around the chest by a stranger.

Additional information required;
Breed, height measured at the withers, a little about the dogs current jumping style, any concerns you want directly addressed (if you have a video clip, please feel free to share)
Cadaver Dog - Human Remains Detection (HRD)
Full-day Workshop
This workshop is designed to be both informative and instructional. 
You will learn first hand what it takes to train a cadaver dog,
and to be a cadaver dog handler.
Your K9 will be given the chance to trial.No exeperince is necessary.
Introduction to K9 Search and Rescue (Full-day Workshop)
Ever wanted to know how you train a SaR K9? Or would you like to know if your dog has the ability, aptitude and determination to be a SaR K9 - Now you can!!
This workshop, provides handlers and their companions a chance to learn and try some of the skills of a working SaR K9. It relies heavily on the K9 and handler working as a team (K9 team). The handler will learn to interpret the K9s body language and understand when to follow and when to guide your K9.  
During this workshop you will receive expert tuition in;
Tracking; Each K9 team will learn how to lay and then to follow tracks, under guidance of the instructor. 
This skill is taught as part of the SaR Workshop, but Tracking can also be taken separately and is a competitive sport. Check out 
Air Scenting; your K9s will demonstrate to you, how they naturally Air Scent. You will learn how to use this behaviour to identify objects. The section will include an article search.
Human Remains Detection (HRD); A brief introduction into the world of HRD.

K9 Sport Scent Detection (1/2 Day Workshop)

The sport of Scent Detection is one of the fastest growing K9 sports and is based around the concept of the working K9 looking for narcotics, explosives and other substances. In the sport, the K9 must locate a given scent and indicate the find to the handler, (we won’t be using narcotics or explosives though!). As you progress through the sport the scent, the environment and the number of finds will vary, thus challenging the K9 and the handler. The aim of the workshop is to introduce you to the sport, to teach the handler how to recognize that your companion has found something interesting and to train this skill onto the substance you are looking for. Finally to guide you how to get an indication that is clear and unmissable. 
Check out for more information on the sport and on competing.
One-2-One Behavioural Consultations  (45min sessions)
Contact Kim Cooper @ Best Friends, see below for details
Problems with a barking dog? Food/Resource guarding issues? Not sure why your dog has started to use the house for potty break? Maybe your dog has a phobia…..
The well known and experienced Kim Cooper from Best Friends in Ottawa hosts a clinic in the Pembroke region, this is brought to you by Tailwaggers.K9Sport. Please note this is by prior appointment only. Please contact Kim on 613-667-9948 or email at
K9 Indoor Winter Activities and Games (2hour Workshop)
Fed up of being coped up in side?  Interested in challenging Fido mentally and physically. Learn some new fun activites and games to play with your K9 while the winter months drag on. Learn fun tricks, bulid on the relationship you have with you K9, work toward your Novice Title. Explore and understand the rules of safe tug play.
This workshop is based upon providing safe and fun ideas to challenge you and your K9. 
K9 Handlers Workshop (4hour Workshop)
Attention all K9s.....
Do you want to teach your handler how to ask you to sit, stand come........Do they understand that you like to work for rewards....Do they know how good those hotdogs are, and what you would do for such a small piece.
Have you tried clicker training? Can your human use it to communicate to you? Send them to us, in 4 hours we will teach them how to teach and reward you......
Attention all Humans....
This workshop is designed for both dogs and their handlers.
Guidance will be provided in training your K9 in the behaviours you desire. The workshop will be a mix of theory and practice. While your K9 companion is resting, you will still be learning....
Can your dog; Sit Stay for 10 secs or longer??
Are you being dragged through the streets when a leash is attached? Does ‘Fido’ return when called??
Ever wondered how clicker training works? 
Why does your dog bark at the window, what can you do.....
Don't want to be dragged through the streets to get loose leash walking....all this and more!!
Learn in a small group, with lessons provided by expert trainers, in a fun and friendly environment. The skills gained through this session will allow you to continue your development at your own pace long after the workshop has ended.
Recall Workshop (1 or 2 hour Workshops)
Dread letting your dog of the leash, never sure if he will ever return - this workshop will teach you how to develop your dogs recall, and looks into why he is  running away from you. Helpful hints on the what to do and not to do issues.
Loose Leash Walking Workshop (1 hour Workshop)
Fed up of being dragged through the streets, find out how to counter act the dog walkers drag! This workshop will teach the skills you need to practise inorder to get Fido to walk with you.

K9 Puppy Handlers & Awareness (2 hour Workshop)

Are you ready for puppy power? Ready to have your lives changed by the power of cuteness? 
This 2hour workshop will teach you how to deal with puppy issues such as nipping, jumping and chewing, including training tips and a question and answer stage on what to expect in the teenager years and beyond.
The Adolscent K9! - Pups between 6 & 24 months welcome (2 hour Workshop

Having problems with you cute puppy?
Is he still jumping up with excitment - but getting bigger? Does there appear to be a bit of a 'teenager' emerging??
Contact us to join our 2hour workshop and learn why you pup is behaving the way he is and what you can do to help him through this stage
K9 Conditioning Workshop

In order to make sure our dogs are leading their healthiest lives possible, we need to make sure that they have a well balanced routine of cardiovascular and muscle building exercise possible. Most of us are pretty good at taking care of the cardiovascular exercise by taking our dogs for daily walks, however that is only part of the picture. The less fat, and the more muscle your dog has, the better their overall physical health will be.


Do you think push-ups and squats are just for dogs? Think again! In this workshop you will be shown how to introduce a series of beginner level Canine Fitness exercises and stretches in to your dogs regular routine. In the workshop you will be introduced to several pieces of official Canine Fitness equipment suitable for beginner dogs, as well as suitable items found around that house that can be used in place of that equipment. Canine Fitness training is great way to physically and mentally stimulate your dog during the colder months that keep us inside!

Pre-Requisities: K9s must be a minimum of 12 months old, physically fit and free from any injury. 

This workshop is not suitable for dogs with a current physical injury recently recovered from injury, or having a pre-existing physical condition(s) that limits their mobility; If your are concerned please discuss with your vet first. 

The workshop is not suitable for rehabilitation, 

Instructor: The fabulously talented and enormously enthusiastic Chantelle Charlebois owner and manager of Solutions Dog Training (check out her website at ) will be providing this workshop.  An experienced K9 Trainer, Chantalle also provides workshops through Best Friends Dog Training in Ottawa ( She is a qualified K9 Agility judge and regularly competes with her K9s in agility and rally obedience trails.

K9 Reliable Recall Workshop

A Reliable Recall is one of the skills that every dog should have. Traditional recall training often results in dogs having a recall only some of the time – but almost never when the dog is faced with a truly tempting distraction: other dogs, moving vehicles, food/garbage, children; squirrels, deer, or other wildlife.


This workshop is for everyone wanting a FAST, MOTIVATED, RELIABLE RECALL from their dog. Whether you are a pet owner wanting to enjoy off-leash walks with your dog, an agility or flyball competitor who wants faster times on course, or an obedience/rally-o competitor who wants a snappier formal recall – this workshop is for you!


You will be shown how to…

Develop a measurable training plan for your dogs recall.

Effectively use positive reinforcement in order to build value for behaviours.

Implement a plan on how to overcome all distractions.

Perform series of K9 fun and exciting Foundation and Recall Games to get the best recall possible on your dog.

Instructor: The fabulously talented and enormously enthusiastic Chantelle Charlebois owner and manager of Solutions Dog Training (check out her website at ) will be providing this workshop.  An experienced K9 Trainer, Chantalle also provides workshops through Best Friends Dog Training in Ottawa ( She is a qualified K9 Agility judge and regularly competes with her K9s in agility and rally obedience trails.


Erika A Photography - Photo Shoots
Checkout the fabulous photos by Erkia at
K9 Disc Dog - Introduction/Starter to Freestyle (1 hour)
Ever wonder how to teach your dog how to jump through your legs and catch a disc? This is an introductory class which will provide insight into how a Disc Dog is trained, and provide you with the opportunity to try some of the activities.
K9 Disc Dog - Retrieve, Toss and Recall Workshop (1 hour)

Do you have a dog that loves to chase but doesn't have the same passion for retrieving? Or maybe Fido returns with frisbee, but turns the game into a version of tug? This workshop helps with addressing these fundamental problems.
Private Lessons - Obedience Lessons 
Tailwaggers.k9sport will be offering 30min private sessions. Are you having problems communicating wit h your K9? Do you want more understanding on how to achieve a desired behaviour.....can't work out how to tell Fido that he should be dragging you on a lead? 
If you have already attended one of the obedience workshops and something is still not working for you, you can use this session to explore other ways to obtain the behaviour. Alternatively this session can be used to fine tune any areas that you have already receieved tuition in. If you are new to Tailwater.K9sport, thats ok we will ask you for the level of training your pup has had to date. The focus of the lessons will largely be up to you to decide, but we are looking to address bad manners and obedience type problems.
K9 Sport Scent Detection,Designated Odor Test (DOT)

Convinced your K9 has mastered the art of scent detection. Sign up and take the test. 

Tailwaggers.K9Sport will be offering the K9 SSD Odor Tests. The three doors that will be offered are Wintergreen, Pine and Thyme. K9s will enter an official test environment, a series of unmarked boxes will be located in the environment with only one containing the scent. The K9 team ( you and your K9) must work together to correctly declare the box containing then door ..within a 3 minute time limit. Don't worry if you haven't trained an this point so long as you confirm the correct box, with your K9s help - you will receive an official certificate and ribbon.

The running order will be Wintergreen, Pine and then Thyme (start times will be provided the week before the event).

Judge: Norm has been teaching sport scent detection since 2012, he regularly teaches at Best Friends Dog Training in Ottawa (  

Norm and his German Shepherd, Trixie, are the first team ever to achieve the SD-E  title (Scent Detection – Excellent) from the Sporting Detection Dogs Association. Norm is an accredited judge with the SDDA for all levels, as well as an executive director and secretary on the board of the SDDA

Bad-2-Good Manners & Distraction Workshop 

This 2 hour workshop will focus on the initial steps to combating bad manners in our canine companions. What do we mean by this? We will explore why and what makes our favourite pup want to (for example); jump up on people visiting, snatch food or table surf. We will consider what can be done to help your pet make the right choice and not steal the food. (Please note behavioural issues, such as resource guarding, require a more specific approach and would not be dealt with in this type of course).
More Obedience and CCGC Prep 
More Obedience and Prep for the Canadian Canine Good Citizen (CCGC) test under the Responsible Dog Owner of Canada (RDoC)

Whether you just want to improve your K9s general obedience or if you want to prepare for the test (offered in March). This workshop will take you through some of the 10 areas tested, so that you can practice in the lead up to the test date in March. 
Test Number 1 - Accepting a friendly stranger: Owner shakes hands with a friendly stranger. This test displays a dog’s acceptance of unfamiliar adults and children.
Test Number 2 - Patiently sitting for petting: A test for shyness and defence of personal space.
Test Number 3 - Appearance and grooming: Reveals owner’s care and sense of responsibility for their dog.
Test Number 4 - Out for a walk: Illustrates handler’s control of his or her dog.
Test Number 5 - Walking through a crowd: Demonstrates that the dog moves around in a crowd without being unduly distressed and is under handler control.
Test Number 6 - Response to commands “sit”, “down”, “stay” and “come”: This exercise exhibits that the dog is trained and responds well to its handler/owner.
Test Number 7 - Praise/Interaction: Shows the dog’s relationship with its owner and that the dog can be calmed down easily.
Test Number 8 - Reaction to passing dogs: Demonstrates that the dog behaves politely around other dogs.
Test Number 9 - Distractions: Illustrates that the dog is confident when faced with common distractions.
Test Number 10 - Supervised isolation: Reveals that the dog can be left with someone other than its usual handler and will maintain its training and good manners.

Course Prerequisites: K9s and Handlers must have basic obedience level (sit, stay, leave it) 
K9 Sport Scent Detection Workshop, (Trial Prep)
Sport Scent Detection Workshop: for those at trial and those preparing for trial and those who just want to learn a little more!!

We are thrilled to have Kim Cooper from Best Friends Dog Training in Ottawa, coming to Pembroke to present this workshop!!

The workshop will cover:  
- indications (getting clear indication, choosing the right indication for your dog)
- reading your dogs body language
- environmental factors (the impact of wind, obstacles)
- detailing searches 
- leash handling 

Understanding K9 Behaviour: Reactivity, Aggression and Anxiety Seminar

Understanding Problem Behaviours in Dogs: Reactivity, Aggression and Anxiety

This is a seminar based workshop, the talented and highly experienced Canine Trainer, Kim Cooper will be presenting a 2 hours of information designed to help you understand the behaviour your canine may be exhibiting. This information can be used to manage future situations.

The presentation will provide guidance on tell tale body languages, that scientists and trainers have studied and use, to identify and predict the emotional state of our beloved canines.

This information can be used by the recipient to better understand their own situations.

The 2 hour presentation will include a question and answer session.

There are no working spots (so sorry please do not bring your pup), at this event.


K9 Christmas Pawty
Join us for 2hours of tricks and games with your pup.
A fun session, intended to be an interactive experience, were you will learn new tricks, play games and encourage good behaviours in your pup.