Pet-SafeEasy Walk Harness

Pet-SafeEasy Walk Harness

Pet Safe - Easy Walk Harnesses, ideal for those dogs still learning to loose leash walk. Unlike the traditional rear clip harnesses that encourage a dog to pull, the easy walk with its unique design, helps to discourage pulling.


If your pup is not fully grown or if you have concerns that there may not be a benefit with the harness ask us about our Harness Rental  Service.


Various Sizes available


Cost $35.40 with HST $40.00

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    Purchases to be collected from TailWaggers at 573 Lubitz Rd Pembroke.

    Please use the 'Customer Notes' to advise if you wish to collect this order during the Weekday (Mon-Fri 9am to 4pm); Weekday Evening (Mon-Fri between 4pm -9pm) or at the Weekend.

    When you receive your invoice you will also receive an email for collection time (we will be as flexible as possible).

    If you are unable to collect please contact us before purchasing.