What can my pup do at the event ?

We have a mix of tasters , try-its and a fun match for your pup and you take part in....and we are covering three sports - K9 Ratting, Agility and Disc.......scroll down this page to find out more about each activity and remember you do not need experience to try these activities.....

K9 Ratting & Agility 

Tasters: Short informative sessions, that will give not only the ability to try the sport, but you will be given an insight into the training, the skills needed and fun of competitions or just for fun activities that you and your pup can take place in. All 'Taster' spots at the show will be for a limited group. Taster sessions will take place in the morning of the event.


Try-Its: These will be available in the afternoon, you will be given the chance to try-it, to just have a go.We all think up dogs can do everything, but not every terrier likes rats (most do!! but theres always that one); With some guidance from the instructor, your pup will be able to have a first hand try at the sports available


The Disc FunMatch: As with previous years we will have a small fun competition. You do not need any experience, you do not need a dog that catches the frisbee in mid-flight or even a dog that brings the frisbee back. The fun part of the competition, is that you and your pup can win prizes based on how you encourage, challenge each other or just how much fun the pair of you are having. Our judge will be the decider, so if you throw the disc and your dog does not run after it - you can!!

We will of course also have prizes for the top point scorers.

The funmatch, will have three legs - you can take part in one leg or all three.

Here is a guide the games, please note these are just guidance notes - before each Leg there will be a handlers meeting and the rules of the game will be covered there.

Leg1: Toss'n'Go

A simple game where the handler stands behind a line and throws the disc - point are awarded on where the dog collects the frisbee (be it a roller or a catch in the air). Once the handler has the frisbee, and is behind the line you can throw again.

How many points can you get in he time allocated.

Leg 2: Bulls-Eye

Similar to Toss'n'Go, but this time the handler stands in the bulls-eye and throws the disc out - points again are awarded for where the dog collects the frisbee (be that a roller or a catch). Once the handler has the frisbee, and is in the bulls eye you can throw again. As the time runs down additional points can be collected if you can call your pup and both end in the bulls-eye as the clock expires.

Leg 3: Frizgility

This is great for those of us who need something more than just the disc. Frizgility combines Agility and Disc, in this event your dog will need to attempt a jump, run through a tunnel and take another jump before you can throw the frisbee. Don't worry if your dog has never taken a jump or been through a tunnel - remember you can win by positivley encouraging your pup.

(all jumps will be set low).

Don't forget you can register for these events now, (Try-Its Wristbands are available in advance for unlimited entry)!! 














Places are limited and Prices are low!