Sharon Needham - CPDT, Owner/Manager & Trainer

Owner of TailWaggersK9Sport and trainer. Sharon has been involved 

with dogs for almost 30years. Her recent dog Fred (who features in

many of the pictures on the website), has taken her through several K9Sports

as he actively competes in Agility, Tracking, Disc, Scenting, Dock Diving

and Ratting and anything else he can find). This has meant Sharon has spent

a considerable amount of time learning and trying for these sports.

This coupled with a passion to understand animal behaviour, Sharon has also

worked extensively Birds of Prey and with Elephants in Thailand.

The following are all instructors that we use at TailWaggersK9Sport,

we are delighted to work with such a talented and accomplished group of people.

Thank you for your support.

Nancy Trus


Nancy Trus is one of our fantastic instructors, Nancy has been working with animals all her life and has over 20 years experience in teaching K9s. Her passion is therapy dogs, she is an active member of Therapeutic Paws of Canada. She regularly teaches Obedience skills at all levels and includes Rally Obedience!

Providing Training in: Handler Training, Obedience, Rally Obedience, Puppy Skills, Bad to Good Manners, Distraction Workshkshops, Loose Leash Walking, Private One to Ones; CCGC Prep and Tests, Therapy Dog and so much more!!

Kim Cooper 

Kim has been working with dogs for over 25years. Kim's passion is in K9 Search and Rescue

and she currently runs 3 qualified Cadavar Dogs. Kim regularly trains and certifies with the OPP.

An expert in dog handling and training. Kim is a prominent figure in the skills of K9 Search and

Rescue as well as an active member of Ottawa Valley Search and Rescue Dog Association


Providing Training in: Scent Detection (SDDA);Tracking; Search & Rescue;

Human Remains Detection; Behavioural Issues

Norm Dressler 

Norm has been teaching sport scent detection since 2012.  Norm and his German Shepherd, Trixie, are the

first team ever to achieve the SD-E  title (Scent Detection – Excellent) from the

Sporting DetectionDogs Association. Norm is an accredited judge with the SDDA for all levels,

as well as an executive director and secretary on the board of the SDDA  

Providing Training in: All aspects K9 Scent Detection (SDDA) 

Chantelle Charlebois

Chantelle is fabulously talented and enormously enthusiastic, an experienced K9 Trainer. She is a qualified K9 Agility judge and regularly competes with her K9s in agility and rally obedience trails

Providing Training in: Agility, Impulse Control for Dog Sports, K9 Reliable Recall Workshop,

 Crate Games and many more 


Maggie Bird 

Maggie Bird has been training dogs since childhood. Dedicated to

science based, positive training she strives to bring both knowledge and enjoyment

to her teaching. She has titled dogs in Obedience, Rally Obedience (both CKC and CARO),

Conformation, Barn Hunt, Sprinter and Tricks.

Providing Training in: Rally Obedience both CKC and CARO

Julie Connor 

Julie Connor is certified ‘Rats!' Canada judge, an active member of the organization since its

start up in the spring of 2015. Jullie's companion, Remix achieved titles in his 1st year of

competing:IBAR (barn instinct), NBAR (novice barn), and 1 Q of his Advanced Barn title. 

IBRH (brush instinct), NBRH (novice brush), and 1 Q of his Advanced Brush title.Receiving

a total of 4 titles earned in 5 months (for brush), and 6months (for barn)

Providing Training in: K9 Ratting 

Pam Caasselman 

Pam Casselman has been playing flyball for 20 years and teaching classes for 15 years. 

Pam’s personal dog, Legend, holds the UFLI record for fastest Malinois at 3.58 seconds.

Her retired whippet, Reach, held the fastest single time of 3.51 for three consecutive years from

2011-2014. Pam has trained multiple dogs to run 3.5s since then. Pam has experience training

many diverse breeds, from shih tzus to huskies. In fact, Pam trained the UFLI record holding

Husky, Niki, at 4.58.

Pam was captain of Burning Rubber for 10 years, a team with over 20 people and 75 dogs.

In that time the team won multiple regional championships in Region 2 and won UFLI

championships in 2012. Pam now travels all across North America teaching for clubs, and has

helped many succeed and reach 14 seconds.

Pam’s speciality is problem solving and approaching each dog as an individual.Adjusting methods to promote successes that works with handlers to personalize their experience with drills and props. 

In her spare time, Pam enjoys spending time with her two children, dock diving, training scent work , obedience ,and dog sledding.

Providing Training in: Flyball


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