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At Your Service

Personalized and Professional Courses, classes designed to meet your needs

Private 1-2-1 Training Sessions - Package


Choose from; Basic Skills for Pet Dogs, Basic Skills for Sports Dogs, 4 Week Intro to Sports; 

Trick Class: Scent, Agility, Rally Obedience and more (some sports are limited availability,

All sports are limited to 30mins training time due to set up and tear down time).  

These classes can be offered online or  In-person 

All of our 4 week courses are available as private sessions of 4x45mins (mainly offered during off-peak).

You can take advantage of our packages and mix and match your training or perfect specific skills.

*Off-peak hours 

Mon-Fri 12 to 4pm (last class starts at 4pm) 

4x45min $265 +hst

6x45min $335 +hst (SAVING 5%)

8x45min $475 +hst (SAVING 10%)

Please state the package you would like at the time of booking.

*Peak hours

Mon - Fri 4pm to 8pm and weekends, (limited availability, please inquire)

4x45min $345+ hst (limited to 4sessions due to availability)

Private 1-2-1 1hour Training Session 

Need to work on something specific? Private Basic Skill Sessions can used for any skill based learning such as: Loose Leash Walking, Leave-It, Impulse Control etc. or for skills needed within canine sports and fitness (agility, scent and other sports skills).

From sports  to  pet dogs

*Off-peak hours 

Mon-Fri 12 to 4pm (last class starts at 4pm) $90 + hst

*Peak hours

Mon - Fri 4pm to 8pm and weekends, (limited availability, please inquire) $110+ hst 

Accompanied Leash Walking Sessions

Struggling to keep control when out walking? Accompanied Leash Walking sessions available, call to book.

Depending on location a travel tariff may be added.


Offered Off-peak hours only  

Please note we do not currently offer a dog walking or pack walking service. Depending on the situation other training may be recommended

Mon-Fri 12 to 4pm  $65 + hst +travel component 

(30min session)

Behavioural Assessment


If your animal needs help with a specific physical or  behaviour issue TailWaggersK9Sport, may be a great option for you. Sessions are recommended based on the behaviour needing to be addressed, sessions may be at our training facility, online  or at a place of your choosing  (we will advise depending on the situation). We offer a personalized plan to fit your pet’s needs and your lifestyle.

Please note, while we want to help all there will sometimes be a need to refer you to a Veterniary Behaviourist. 

Offered Online and In-person. Please expect more that than one session to be required, based on issues.

Contact us for pricing 

Workshops and Seminars - to meet your needs

A great team building or commuinty event!! We will travel to your location or alternatively you can make use of our grounds or indoor facility.

We offer a wide range of K9 Workshops and Seminars from Dog Body Language to Dogs in the Work Place, from K9 Fitness to Arthritis Management. We can tailor an exsiting program or come up with something new for you. We have a wide range of instructors and specialist that work with us, allowing us to offer a multitude of subjects. 

Workshops and Seminars are offered in 2, 4 and 8 hour format

Private Group  Courses

Do you have a group of friends that want to get together. Small groups of dogs are welcome for private courses on basic skills through to sports, trick classes and engagement games. One off sessions or  4 week courses are available as private sessions.

Call us for pricing, based on what you need.

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