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Do you want to make the most of your training?

Check out our rental packages, whether you want to train away from home, need the space, want to use the equipment - the rental opportunities will give you this ability. 

(packages being updated)

Phyliss Pad 


Training with us? You now have access to Phyliss Pad. This fenced in area is available to rent for $10 per 30mins session. We currently have a lowered A-frame in the Pad for your pups use,  and we hope to be adding some more equipment shortly.  The gauge on the fencing is large so dogs over 30lbs may be off leash (only). We hope to soon be able to change the fencing to allow all dogs in. Access is available for 7am to 9pm (no access when Fred's Gym is in use), al dogs using the Phyliss Pad must have submitted proof of up to date vaccinations to TailWaggersK9Sport.

Please ensure dogs are leashed getting into and leaving the area.

NOTE: THERE IS AN OUT DOOR CAT, PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR DOG CHASE HIM (he is unlikely to come into the field if there is a dog there).

Howies Hall - Rentals 
Rental Packages Available 

Packages are now available for you to purchase. These packages are available to students to continue to practice. Simply select the package that best suits your availability and let us know.

Packages are available for training, you should be on or have recently trained with TailWaggersK9Sport. Availability is when the hall is not in use for lessons or activities, if you have limited availability contact us first.

Howies Hall

1 off pass $25 (while heating is not required),  per hour, additional handlers $5

1 off pass $45 per hour, additional dogs $5 
1 month pass $55 45min session cost $15, (additional handlers $5)

12 month PACKAGE coming!!

All sessions are 45mins in duration, exception is 1 off Package.

The halls are generally available off peak times, there will be occasional evening slots and weekend availability.


Generally week classes are held Mon/Wed/Fri 11am to 2:30pm & Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri 5pm to 8:00pm (these may vary week to week, TailWaggersK9Sport Inc has the ability to book courses). Weekends varies.

You may book ahead but will be limited to 3 pre-bookings at a time, (use one you can add another - intention is to stop people blocking others).

All dogs must have proof of up to date vaccinations.

If you are bringing dogs that are unknown to TailWaggersK9Sport - you are accepting responsibility for your guest 

Set-up and tear down is included in the 45mins.

Agility equipment can be used, if your dog has been trained on it.


All dogs not working should be leashed or crated - accidents happen when we are not watching our dogs. 

The hall will be available 9am to 9pm (some earlier mornings are available by request, please email to discuss).

To book a package or a single time slot, please complete the waiver and then submit on the book a time slot or book a package


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