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Howies Hall - Rentals 
Rental Packages Available 

Packages are now available for you to purchase. These packages are available to students to continue to practice during the winter months.

Simply select the package that best suits your availability and let us know.

Packages are available for training only (you should be on, have recently trained with or known to TailWaggersK9Sport) and when not in use other activities.

1 off pass $25 (while heating is not required),  per hour, additional handlers $5

1 off pass $40  per hour, additional dogs $5 
1 month pass $50 45min session cost $15, (additional handlers $5)
2 month pass $90 includes includes 1 free 45min session, future sessions cost $15 (additional handlers $5)
4 month pass $150 includes includes 2 free 45min sessions, future sessions cost $15 (additional handlers  $5)
6 month pass $200 includes 3 free 45min sessions, sessions cost $15 (additional handlers $5).

All sessions are 45mins in duration, exception is 1 off Package.

The halls are generally available off peak times, there will be occasional evening slots and weekend availability.
General week classes are held Mon/Wed/Fri 11am to 2:30pm & Mon to Fri 5pm to 8:00pm (these may vary week to week, TailWaggersK9Sport Inc has the ability to book courses).

You may book ahead but will be limited to 3 pre-bookings at a time, (use one you can add another - intention is to stop people blocking others).

Set-up and tear down is included in the 45mins.

Agility equipment can be used, if your dog has been trained on it. 


Both Fred's Dog Gym & Howie's Hall are available to book.

The hall will be available 9am to 9pm (some early mornings are available, please email to discuss).

To book a package or a single time slot, please complete the waiver and then submit on the book a time slot or book a package


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