In the midst of all the Covid-19 issues we have brought forward our online services. Below are the services we have on offer as individual sessions, more are continually added. Our in-person workshops, seminars and trials remain open to book on our Current Scheduled webpage.
WE WILL OFFER SOME OF OUR COURSES ONLINE to view online courses and our in-person events click the link Current Schedule !!
Thank you for supporting us and all small business throughout this time.


Home Schooling - Online Services

How it works.....

Select the item, skill, training you are interested in, complete and submit the online form.

We will contact you with potential dates and times (based on the information you provide us).

Confirm the time, we will email you the joining instructions.

Join us at the allotted time to train with your dog.

We will be utilizing Zoom and FaceTime, other software is available if you do not have access to these.

Want to try Zoom here is a link to some tutorials showing how easy it is ZOOM

Not sure what level to choose, unsure if your internet service will be sufficient - try the set up

First book a 15min short introduction and evaluation session - free!!

Currently our sessions are grouped as Basic Skills, Fitness and Tricks, sessions are shown as private, 

group sessions can arranged. Private 1-2-1 sessions on other topics are also available.

                    ANY 4x45mins sessions cost only $145!!!!

Basic Skills Sessions 

Home School Your Pup Now!!

take full advantage of Social Distancing !!


Puppies - The Early Day  

Do you have questions about what to do with your new puppy? Having problems with toilet training? Not sure if you should crate train? When should you start formal training? Heard about socialization but not sure how, what to do? All of this and much more. Each session will be guided by those attending.

This is also offered as a group session on out Current Schedule

2x30min sessions, flexible booking system Cost $55


Basic Skills Course (Private online session)-Suitable for younger or older dogs, this course focuses on the key elements that we need as handlers to have an enjoyable life with with our dogs. Course includes: Focus work, Leave-it Skills, Introduction to Loose Leash Walking, Introduction to Recall, Marker training and much more.......

4x45min sessions, flexible booking system Cost $145

*This is also offered as group online session go to Current Scheduled webpage.

Leave-it - teach your dog the value of not picking up everything that is in their path. Several easy fun steps to ensure your dog understand the basic principles and are capable of making the right choice. 


Puppy 101 - rasing a puppy during the covid-19 can be challenging. How do you expose them to all the necessary environments and still keep them safe? We will talk you through various options. Also included in the is course are the key elements of of the Puppy Kindergarten programme, including some key skills such as recall, leave-it and focus work.

4x45min sessions, flexible booking system Cost $125

Excited Greeter - Use Social Distancing to help you, stop your dog jumping on people, we all want our dog to be able to meet people either out on the street or in the home without the dog jumping up. This session focuses on meeting and greeting people in the home and on the street (it does not include dog to dog meet and greets).

1x30min session,    Cost $30

Loose Leash Walking (LLW)

Level1 - this will give you the handler the basic skills to start teaching your dog the desired walking position (a LLW). You will learn what is happening at both ends of the leash and the simple techniques that can be used to stop the pulling.

Level2 - getting your dog to understand the stop and sit principle.

Promote  engagement - the value of eye contact both to you and your dog is greatly under estimated, In this session we will explain and explore the benefits, and take you through some easy steps to get your dog engaged with you. We will also cover where and when to use it.

1x30min session 

Cost $30

K9 Fitness Sessions 

Pick from a variety of topics (one topic per session). Each session will give you enough information to work on skills and technique and to develop the programme to your pups progression.  You wll also get a fitness tracker e-book.

Fitness sessions do have prerequisites:

 -  All dogs must be free from injury.

 -  While you do not need specialist equipment (we make a point of using equipment that is easily and readily available you will need some equipment, this will be identified in each session (see below). \

-   Pups should know the following skills; down, stand, nose touch, paws-on (introductory sessions to develop these skills can be arranged).

Introduction to K9 Fitness - Equipment required a low platform 1-2 inches  (a hard cover book, or small box) and another 3-5 inches (small stool or aerobic stepper is ideal) in height must be wider than your dog's stance.

1 x 45min session 

Cost $45

Stretching, Warm-Ups and Cool Down Routines for K9 Fitness - Just as for us humans it is important to warm up and cool down muscles before exercise. Learn some simple techniques that can be used for a multiple of sports (sessions can be tailored to specific sports as necessary)

1 x 45min session 

Cost $45

Key Skills for K9 Fitness - Get the most out of your training session learn the key skills required to perform a large amount of the exercises, before taking the class.

1 x 45min session 

Cost $45

Strength Training Level 1 - Equipment required 2 low platforms, 1-2 inches  and another 3-5 inches in height must be wider than your dog's stance.

1 x 45min session 

Cost $45

Flexibility and Proprioception/Body Awareness Training Level 1 - Equipment required 1 low platform, 1-5 inches must wider than your dogs stance, 3-4 long broom handles/hockey sticks (or similar item). 

1 x 45min session 

Cost $45

Stability Training Level 1 - Equipment required low platform, 1 - 5 inches in height must be wider than your dogs stance, a higher platform approx as high as dog's shoulders.

1 x 45min session 

Cost $45

K9 Tricks Sessions & Trick Testing 

Tricks are a great way to have fun with your dog and promote a greater level of engagement. As a team you will not only benefit from the range of skills you will learn, but you will also enhance your existing relationship.

Trick Sessions - are you looking to learn a new trick? Does your dog know how to 'roll out a carpet'? Maybe you are struggling with a small part of a trick - or just looking to get new ideas.
Set up a session and let us help you and your pup.
1x30min session
Cost $30 
Trick Testing Sessions - We are delighted to be able to provide Trick Testing through Do More With Your Dog (DMWYD).
Each Session lasts 30mins (approx) alternatively you can submit a video.
Trick Testing with TailwaggersK9Sport Certificate & DMWYD Ribbon (including shipping) Cost $20
Video submissions and no ribbon are free.